Embassy of Malta

Address: 2017 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008, U.S.A.

Come visit us to taste Maltese hospitality and warmth, a small country with a big heart!  Get to know the Maltese islands, an archipelago at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, taste our food and learn about our traditions.  The history of Malta is a long and colourful one dating back to the dawn of civilisation, its culture a unique blend of all the peoples that have made these islands their home.

WWII was a time of battle and suffering for the people of Malta. Despite being torn apart by Axis bombs, U.S. General George S. Patton Jr. marveled in its beauty and culture during multiple visits to the archipelago. For one day, Patton’s personal photographs and journal entries from his time in Malta will be on display in a special exhibition by the American Malta Foundation, in partnership with the Patton Family Archives. The exhibit will also highlight the islands’ experience and great resilience during WWII, and will feature the stories of families who immigrated to North America after the war.

The embassy is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

For more information visit the website of the embassy of Malta in the United States.

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